The “Learning Camp of the City of Tarragona” is an educational service which offers 2-5 days’ accommodation and 1 day excursions through the city and surroundings to educative centres.

Pupils and students are offered the chance of investigating into their historical roots and territory, working on different subjects on an experimental approach, which leads them to understand our historical development from Roman Empire to present times.

The “Learning Camp” activities are addressed to pupils and students (from 6 to 18 years old).

Remember that you have to register into each one of the activities to be performed by each group.




  • To put educative centres into contact with our town: the city of Tarragona.
  • To provide schools with the suitable material to understand the remains of a city changing throughout the time: Roman Empire, Medieval Age.
  • To find out the relationship between population, and territory.
  • To teach the urban structure of the city.
  • The city as an ecosystem.
  • To intensify the work “in situ” as a didactic means to understand our environment.
  • To motivate the students to know, respect and love our environment.
  • To put the students into contact with our nature, economy, industry, society and area of influence.
  • To provide the students with techniques of scientific research according to the Educational Department orders.